The CCDB for Download

The Constitutional Court Database (CCDB) is available for download in two formats. We hope that the formats enable a wide range of users to work with the CCDB. Please follow the links to download either format and to receive more background information on each format.

  1. Data from the CCDB in separat tables as .csv files
  2. The CCDB as OpenOffice Database .odb-file

The CCDB is provided fully free of charge and licensed as a Creative Commons License – CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Please note that you agree to the terms of use when you download and/or use the data. To provide appropriate credit please cite the CCDB as:

  • Engst, Benjamin G. / Thomas Gschwend / Christoph Hönnige / Caroline E. Wittig. 2020 “The Constitutional Court Database: Conceptualizing a Relational Database.“ Working Paper.